Enrico Mascelloni

Enrico Mascelloni is an art critic with an interest in geopolitics. He has been travelling in Asia and Africa for over thirty years and has presented some of the most innovative artistic expressions from these regions. Mascelloni has also reviewed and published various articles and books on the visual revival of Central Asia (e.g. The Tamerlane Syndrome: Art and Conflicts in Central Asia, Skira, Milan, 2004; War Rugs: The Nightmare of Modernism, Skira, Milan, 2009). “The Beautiful Arms – geopolitics of contemporary art” is being published by Skira (Milan 2023). He has published books and organized exibithions on “negative avant-garde” like Fluxus, Visual Poetry, International Situationist (e.g. Promoting Flood – Fluxus in his time, Rome, Naples, cat Parise, 1996).

Enrico Mascelloni lives and works in Rome.

Some of Works